Why Choose IBT Travel Waiting Lounges Over Other Hospitality Services?

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When you choose our services, you are not only entitled to receive world-class services, but your time and money is valued effectively!

With hourly ‘Micro stay’ services on offer, we aim to provide you with the best few hours of your stay with us to make it memorable.

When choosing their hospitality services, the first criteria that you need to abide by is booking rooms for a minimum of 24 hours, even if you need to use the facilities for just a few hours, for purposes like business meetings, resting and freshen up, passing the time between consecutive journeys, etc.

That is why more travelers tend to be infuriated about their travel plans as the cost of the extra stay at the hotels adds to their already expensive trips.

IBT Rooms come to your rescue here….

Apart from it, you need to pay charges for every luxe facility you need to use to make your stay comfortable, like getting an AC room, snacks, and beverages, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.

As your additional amenities increases the rates also keeps increasing with them, and here’s why choosing IBT Travel Waiting Lounges will make the difference!

We provide you with all the basic and business class facilities and amenities in the same charge that you pay for the few hours that you use our services. With absolutely no hidden charges, we are currently providing lounges at a cost of 349 INR only for 4 hours.

isn’t that a great offer to rely on when you are already tight on the budget including all your travel expenses?


Given that you pay only this much for your micro staying hospitality experience with the IBT Travel Waiting Lounges services, you must be well aware of the facilities that you get when you choose us……

To start with, the most effective benefit is that you don’t need to pay a lump sum of amount to use Travel lounges for some hours, instead pay for only the hours you stay.

Apart from it, the localities are easy to find as they are mostly placed near railway stations, bus stands and airports to suit the needs of the travelers.

Currently, we are based on Lucknow but planning to expand our reaches to the entire country to let every individual benefit from our services.

Apart from these overwhelming advantages of preferring IBT Rooms over other hospitality services, you get so many facilities and amenities in our lounges which includes AC, free Wi-Fi, unlimited snacks and beverages, complimentary toiletry kits, shower area, phone and laptop charging facilities, cooperative staff, laundry, power backup, card payment options, etc.


It’s convenient and hassle-free in every aspect!

Whether you are traveling for a business tour or educational tour, whether you need to freshen up and rest for a while or you need to pass the time before your next travel proceeding, the facilities that you get with IBT Travel Waiting Lounges services fulfills every requirement perfectly.

And above all, you don’t need to worry about the booking procedure as it is absolutely hassle free, you just need to log in or sign up in our website and fill the form available there with all the details and your booking will be completed instantly without any complications.


So, what are you waiting for?

If you are willing to experience the best few hours of our hospitality services, then Visit-www.ibtrooms.com now, and fill the form to help us host you better! 

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