Why IBT Travel Lounges Are Ideal For Corporate Persons As Their Traveling Partner?

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Are you traveling around the world very often regarding your business purposes? Do you switch between meetings and find ways to spend the leisure time in between?

Have you been spending times in the airports or stations to change conveyance for reaching different places for your business needs?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you are exactly where you need to be right now- the IBT travel lounges page! We have the solution for all such issues that you face as a corporate or salesperson whose job needs him/her to travel the world (and find resting places in between) also!


And why are we India’s best stay partner for your business travel needs?

Well, to start with, we provide you with the business lounges for your short stay needs in between your corporate meeting. When you travel across the nation for your business meetings or for site visits, you won’t obviously take the conveyance for the exact timings.

Even if you try doing that, you may never be successful as you may either get delayed (which you obviously don’t want) or you may be before time (which is the ideal thing to do for business meetups) and thus, you would need a place to spend your leisure hours or freshen up before you proceed for the destination for your business purpose.

And booking a hotel room for spending just a few hours isn’t a very wise deal! And why pay for 24 hours when you get business class IBT travel lounges at just an hourly basis? Yes! You read that right.

We, at IBT lounges services, tend to offer all those facilities that these ultra-class hotels offer you (even more in some cases) at a price which is below half of its price. And moreover, you can book the lounges at per your convenient timings and for any number of hours you need. It makes us the ideal travel partner for corporate persons.


What else do we have to offer to the business leads?

Apart from hourly stays and a nominal price rate which starts from just Rs.349 for 4 hours, we have other striking facilities and amenities in the offer for our guests which makes their stay a memorable one!

Any guest can book the IBT travel lounges at any time of the day (or night) they want, which means if their flight lands at 2 am they can book the lounges at that time of the night also. Moreover, they don’t have to travel further for their stays as most of our travel lounges are built near the transportation areas only; the airports, the stations, and the bus stands!

So, you don’t have to hustle for finding the right place to spend those few hours between your business meets. Also, you get free Wi-Fi and ac services alongside unlimited access* to snacks and beverages in case you feel less energized.

Those who need to freshen up before a meeting can also use our clean and hygienic washrooms for a quick shower and we provide free toiletry kit also!

The payments options are also not too complicated, you can simply do that by cash or your credit and debit cards and our friendly staff would help you with every query throughout your stay with us.

Now, what more can corporate and the salesperson asks for when they are traveling for the purpose of their business and need shorts stays in between their journeys?


And so…

We aim at providing our guests with all the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities within just Rs.349 as the introductory offer. No matter whether you are traveling single or with your business partners, we ensure that you and your team have a comfortable and luxurious stay at our traveling lounges which is India’s first and only micro stay destination.

You don’t need to do much for allowing us to serve you; just visit our website www.ibtrooms.com and login to book our services at your convenient timings! Our customer support is available 24×7 and we are in your service whenever and however you want! Looking forward to hosting you!


*Conditions Apply

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